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Stand Alone Mini-System
The standard Mini-System is a cost effective solution for the small printer or print finisher. Designed to service a single 3-knife trimmer, the Mini-System utilises a blower to induce an airflow in the machine pick-up, which then conveys the waste to a simple separator/dissipator positioned above the clients waste cage or bin.

The system is supplied as a self assembly kit containing all necessary fixings and fittings, which can be adapted at the time of manufacture to suit a number of configurations.

A Recent addition to our product line is a Mobile Venturi Mini-System. This has been developed to provide a cost effective solution for continuous trim applications or where the waste connection on to the production machine is in the form of a spigot. The unit incorporates a twin walled acoustically lined fan and duct attenuators and is extremely quiet - typically 70dBa. As its name suggests, the Mobile Venturi Mini System is completely self contained and just needs to be plugged into a convenient 3 phase socket.
  • Cost Effective
  • Quick & Easy to install
  • Mobile system can be moved between various production machines
  • Venturi system can handle almost any type of waste
  • Frees up valuable manpower
  • No mess and a clean environment